If You Own A Film Blog, Which Type Of Customer Can You Expect To Reach With Display Advertising? (2023)


  • Oct 5, 2021 · Question 1: If you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach with display advertising? A: People who use ad-blockers ...

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  • Mar 21, 2023 · The correct answer is B. People who haven't read your blog before but are interested in your subject.

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  • 5 hours ago · These customers are always on the lookout for the latest movie releases, reviews, and behind-the-scenes information. Display advertising can ...

  • If You Own a Film Blog, Which Type of Customer Can You Expect to Reach With Display Advertising? In the era of digital marketing, owning a film blog can be a lucrative venture. With the rise in popularity of movies and the growing interest in film reviews, display advertising can be an effective tool to

4. If you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach ...

  • Dec 17, 2021 · If you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach with display advertising? · People who use ad-blockers and are interested ...

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5. If You Own A Film Blog, Which Type Of Customer Can You Expect To ...

  • If You Own A Film Blog, Which Type Of Customer Can You Expect To Reach With Display Advertising? People who use ad-blockers and are interested in your subject.

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  • If you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach with display advertising? People who use ad-blockers and are interested in your subject.

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Answers - Google Digital Garage Exam - Digital Skills - Digital Unlocked - EnglishThe language of the answers are in English (United kingdom).The questions and answers of Google Digital Garage, Google Digital Skills and Google Digital Unlocked and others are the same.Please note that this file contains answers to Google Garage Quizzes of all 26 topics. As you probably know, to access the Final Digital Garage Certification Exam you need to pass all 26 topics. With this file, you can do it very quickly, as all Q&A are listed in the same order.In contrary to quizzes, during the Final Exam questions are always in random order. More precisely, topics are in the same order, but questions within topics are in random order. Also, there are 117 known questions and during the final exam, you get only 40 questions randomly.Questions:ModulesModule 1The increased use of the Internet presents a lot of potential for which types of businesses?-All businesses-Small business owners-International businesses-Local businesses Taking a business online can involve many different steps. When starting out, which activity could be a part of this process?-Sending flyers with your web address to customers-Creating a business listing in online local directories-Increasing print and billboard advertising-Building a team of digital advertising experts Which of the following is the easiest way for visitors to learn about a business while visiting a website?-Getting a free 'taster' of one of your products when they sign up to receive emails-Listening to an audio file that auto plays whenever someone visits your site-Browsing your product pages and reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions page-Reading the terms and conditions for your products on your siteWhat is a key benefit of having an online presence for a business?-The ability to sell products directly to customers through social media-Being visible when people search for a business like yours-Sending users emails to update them on new products-Being able to offer new customers promotional discountsModule 2Which tool helps you measure the success of your website?-Keyword Planner-Ad Gallery -Ad Preview Tool-AnalyticsWhich of the following statements is true when it comes to taking a business online?-Stick to what you are doing and don't make changes-The same content works across online and offline platforms-Use analytics to make informed decisions-Use analytics to track your customers across the InternetWhich term best describes the business activity that occurs when website visitors buy products or services from you online?-E-commerce-Display advertising-Search engine marketing-Pay per clickWhich of the following statements is true when marketing your business online?-You need a website to show up in search results-You'll reach a similar client base to the one you have in the real world-Social media is a great way to engage your audience -You'll be seen by the same volume of customers whether you use search advertising or notModule 3Which of the following statements is true when it comes to developing a web presence for a business?-Customers can learn about a business by downloading a mobile app, but they can't place an order using an app-Building a new website requires a large budget-Mobile apps enable your customers to purchase your products without being on your website-All businesses must have a website to sell productsWhat is a web server? -The customer service representative you can call when you have questions about your website -The answer you get when you search a term on the web-A computer connected to the Internet with software that allows it to host all the components of your website-The device that determines the speed of your mobile connectionFill in the blank: A __________ is a shortcut to other pages on your site or elsewhere on the web. -Hyperlink-Return link -Menu bar-Breadcrumb Which of the following is something you'll probably want to exclude from your website?-Prices-A lot of deep scientific information and detailed statistics-Special offers-Certifications to show you're qualified to provide a serviceWhich of the following is an example of a 'call to action' on a website?-A list of phone numbers customers can use to get in contact with you-A 'Get directions to our store' button which when clicked, redirects to a map displaying directions to the store based on the customer's current address-An icon button that takes the customer to your social media accounts-A hotline phone number that helps users complete their purchases What should you consider when developing your website content?-What your customers are looking for-Your latest promotions and discounts-Your brand values-Whether the content will go viral or notModule 4What is the first step in creating an online business strategy?Identifying business goalsUnderstanding what the competition is doingKnowing the marketAligning goals to the strategyWhat is the purpose of the 'See, Think, Do, Care' framework?To help determine a marketing strategyTo help a business understand the customer journey onlineTo help a business reach a global audienceTo give insight into specific customer groupsWhy is optimising customer touchpoints online beneficial for businesses?It allows brands to add pop-up ads at every point of the customer journey, ensuring high visibilityIt gives businesses the opportunity to save money on online advertisingIt provides customers with value every time they come into contact with a brand, helping build trustIt gives businesses an opportunity to collect more data from potential customersOnce you've worked out your Unique Selling Point (USP), how would you use it in a long-term online strategy?Incorporate it within marketing materials across all channels to help raise customer awareness Create an email campaign letting your customers know why you are uniqueFilm a video explaining your unique selling point and send it to employeesCreate a press release and distribute it through your channelsWhat type of information can KPIs provide?Audience segmentationLong-term projectionsFinancial viabilityBoard decisionsWhy are search engines a great place for a business to be found?People pay to use search engines, so there is a wealthy customer base therePeople who search are actively looking for information, products or servicesSearch engines are a big trend these daysSearch engines guarantee new customersWhat technology do search engines use to 'crawl' websites?AndroidsInterns AutomatonsBotsWhich of the following can help a search engine understand what your page is about?The date it was publishedThe number of images used The total number of wordsThe title tagFill in the blank: Spending money on search advertising influences how your website appears in ___________.Organic search resultsThe search results pageBusiness directoriesDisplay advertising networksWhich of these is an important factor in the paid search auction system?How famous your brand name isHow cool your logo isHow long your business has been aroundHow relevant your ads areWhich of these can Google Search Console help you to do?It helps you increase your social media followingIt helps you optimise your Google My Business listingIt helps you understand which keywords people are searching for on GoogleIt helps you run A/B tests on your home pageWhich of the following factors should you consider when optimising your website for search engines?Colour schemeRecycled contentInspiring business nameSite popularityWhat should be the first step of a structured SEO plan?Identifying your ad budgetBuying an analytics softwareSetting up your presence on social media sitesKeyword researchWhen it comes to search ads, which of the following could dictate how an ad will perform against a competitor?Social media followingBid valueDomain authorityAverage number of visitors to the company's websiteFill in the blank: Short strings of specific keywords with low search volume are called ___________. Long-hair keywordsLong-tail keywordsHigh-relevance keywordsTop-tail keywordsWhich of the following would be an ideal goal for an SEO plan? Increasing social media likes and followsIncreasing how many relevant people visit your websiteShowing your website to as many people as possibleBeing in first place in SERP for any keywordWhich of the following page titles would be most suitable for a website page describing a store's return policy?How to Send Stuff Back[Company Name's] Return PolicyReturn PolicyCompany PoliciesWhich of the following is a good way to get other websites to link to your site?Keep linking to them until they link to youSend them emails until they link to youBuilding relationships with similar sitesWhen expanding a business internationally, which of the following is most important to provide on your website?Products and delivery details in the correct currencyTime and dates written in the local formatExchange rate informationFree giveaways for local customersSearch engine marketing can also be called what?Pay-per-click advertisingOrganic advertisingSearch box marketingOne-click advertisingIn an SEM auction, your Quality Score is based on which aspect of your ad?BidRelevanceWitLength Fill in the blank: It's possible to determine how well a/an ___________ will perform without bidding on it.AuctionWebsiteKeywordAdvertWhat should your search ad have in order to promote more clicks?A call to actionA catchy headlineA close-up photoA social media linkWhich of the following is a benefit of using relevant ads and landing pages?Increased cost for ad placementsHigher ad positions on the search results pageHigher cost per clicks on your adsAds that will ensure more purchasesWhen it comes to search ads, which description best describes 'negative keywords'?Keywords with no association to your siteKeywords with a poor search volumeKeywords that are excluded from a campaignKeywords that are typed incorrectlyFill in the blank: If you use __________ keywords when building your search ads, minor variations, like plurals, can still trigger the ad.Exact MatchRandom MatchDirect matchClose matchWhat can conversion tracking in search help you measure?How many transactions are completed on your site overallHow many people click on your SEM ad and end up browsing your siteHow many people visiting your site from a search ad end up completing a purchaseHow many customers your ad has converted into brand ambassadorsHow can you improve a business's visibility to people located near you geographically?Translate your website into at least two more languagesOffer free phone support during business hoursEnsure you have good analytics on your websiteMake sure your phone number, address and business hours are easy to findWhich of the following is an example of a local search?"bike shop near me""bike shop in UK""local bicycle shop""bike shops"Which of the following is a benefit of registering your business in online local listings?Discounted pricing on your search advertising campaignsIncreased likelihood of being discovered through search enginesMore mentions on social media platformsGuaranteed sales to local customersWhich three pieces of information are essential to include first in your local directory listing?Business address, website, telephone numbers Business name, business address, telephone numbersWebsite, telephone numbers, email addressBusiness name, email address, websiteWhich of the following factors help search engines determine if your business is local?Location details on the website, quality content and how mobile friendly the website isLocation details on the website, list of shops local to you and a contact formQuality content, list of local suppliers and location detailsLocation GPS tags on photos, quality content and how mobile friendly the website isWhen looking to attract a local audience, why it is important to optimise your website and content for mobile users?Because local users tend to use their mobile devices when they're out of the houseBecause mobiles will replace desktop computersBecause all online users browse on mobile devices these daysBecause marketing for mobile is more cost effectiveWhich of the following can help you gain visibility in search engines?Adding relevant content that highlights the location of your businessIncluding your address on your Twitter accountOptimising your site for desktop devices only Adding a list of shops local to you on your websiteWhich of the following can businesses achieve by using social media?Attract new audiencesBuild a good reputation with customersMeet sales goalsIncrease traffic to their websiteFill in the blank: Businesses should focus on social media platforms with _______.The biggest reputationThe most expected engagement A relevant audienceThe most usersWhich of the following is an example of a social media goal? Acquire genuine reviews on productsDrive more traffic to your storeDevelop one-way communication with customersMimic your competition's approachWhich details should you look to include on a business profile page on social media?Details about the CEOLink to a local listing site you're onDescription of the businessCost of products and servicesA robust social media plan includes which of the following?A list of content that mimics competitor contentAll of your online business goalsA long-term schedule identifying when to post contentA list of friends who can post on the accountsWhat is the best way to put your social content in front of people who don't already follow you?Increase your email marketing campaignsAsk people to share your content to their networksUse paid promotion to reach new audiencesPut links to your social on your websiteWhat can social media analytics tools help you measure when assessing campaign results?Whether the campaign was more successful than your competitorsWhether the visitors liked the social campaigns or notWhether a visitor called the store after seeing a social postWhether the visitor clicked on a paid ad or organic listingWhich of the following is a pitfall when using social media for business?2-way conversation with customersNot being present on every social media platformNot having the resources to respond to comments and questions in a timely mannerSpending too much time reviewing social media analyticsWhen looking to ensure your website is easily accessible by mobile users, what should you focus on doing first?Redesign your website colour schemeOptimise your siteCreate a mobile appShorten your website contentWhat does responsive design mean? Your visitors can manually adjust the size of your websiteYour website will adapt to suit whichever device it is being viewed onYour customers can provide feedback on the design of your siteYour website will respond to clicks fasterWhen it comes to optimising your website's SEO for mobile users, which of the following is a crucial factor to keep in mind?Short content and fewer imagesPerformance and usabilityUsability and short contentLess video content What can a business use to send messages to users who have already downloaded their app?Text messagesPull notificationsPush notificationsEmail notificationsWhen considering how mobile users will search for your business, which types of keywords should you focus on?Long tail keywordsShorter keywords and phrasesLonger keywords and phrasesExact match keywordsBefore running search ads, you should make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Which scenario best describes a mobile-friendly experience for a customer?The business has a mobile app instead of a websiteThe site include business phone numbersThe site works on different mobile devicesThe site does not include any videos so it loads quicklyWhich of the following can be used to target an audience when using some social media ads?People's namesPeople's addressPeople's pet namesPeople's relationship statusWhen making video content for your display ads, what is most important to ensure?Videos are entertaining, long and include a CTAVideos are relevant, short and include a CTAVideos are relevant, long and include a URLVideos are short, informative and include a phone numberWhich of the following is an accurate definition of what a content marketing campaign involves?Creating and posting content ad-hoc when you have the timeThe creation of time-sensitive content that can be published through various channelsRegularly emailing customers with news about a business’s products or servicesThe creation and promotion of online materials with the goal of increasing interest in a product or serviceWhat does the following definition describe? 'The division of an audience into groups of who they are and what they like, with a goal of identifying a group most interested in your product/service.'Marketing channelsDemographicsAudience segmentationGroup dynamics Fill in the blank: When describing the purpose of content, what is missing? 'To entertain, to inspire, to _______ and to convince'.HumourPleaseSurprise EducateWhich of the following best describes why approaches to writing need to be adapted for online content?Online readers have a reduced attention span, due to being flooded with informationCertain blogging platforms have a limit on the word count you can publishOnline readers only like to engage with long-form pieces of contentOnline audiences are typically younger, so the language used needs to reflect thisWhat are 'highlighting key dates' and 'considering multiple channels' best practices of?Creating a content calendarDesigning illustrations to support content Segmenting your audience Identifying social media influencersWhich of the following metrics could help you understand which blog post is resonating the most with your audience?Session durationPage viewsReferral trafficUnique page views Which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?A collection of email templatesA 'Contact Us' form A way to collect people's email addressesA set budgetWhich of the following is a common feature of email marketing platforms?Personalised, custom templatesA free list of email addresses you can targetA feature allowing users to unsubscribe from your emails Automation of your search ad campaigns Which of these is a good practice to keep in mind when sending emails to your contacts?Run an A/B test on your subject line to determine which one works bestSend the same generic and simple message to your entire contact databaseInclude enough content in the email so there is no need for them to click away to read further elsewhereOnly include a call-to-action on the landing page you're linking to in the emailIf the open rate of your emails seems low, which of the following could help you fix that?Redesign your website Change the colour of the buttons inside your emailSend your emails to more contactsAdjust the subject line of your emailWhich of the following statements is true when it comes to running email campaigns for a business?There's no need to use sponsored ads within your email marketingThere's no need for analytics when it comes to email marketingYou need to include personal contact detailsYou can use any imagery, despite copyrightIf you own a film blog, which type of customer can you expect to reach with display advertising?People who use ad-blockers and are interested in your subjectPeople who haven't read your blog before but are interested in your subjectOnly people who have read your blog previouslyOnly people interested in films and moviesFill in the blank: The ads on search engines are usually made up of ________.AudioVideoTextImagesWhen using search engine marketing, where can your ads appear?Only on search engines Only on websitesOn search engines and websitesOn websites and social mediaWhen setting up display advertising campaigns, who can you target?People with specific namesPeople who speak different languagesPeople who already own specific productsPeople with a specific addressIn what way can display advertising be effective?It guarantees more visitors to your siteIt guarantees increased salesIt drives traffic to your websiteIt improves your ranking in search enginesWhich of the following is an example of the type of data that advertising networks automatically collect and share with businesses?The number of sales you make from the adThe cost of each ad you publishThe cost of creating the adA prediction of sales you can make from your adWhich of the following is true when purchasing ad placements on an advertising network?You always need to contact the owner of the website to buy ads on their pageThe network provides data on the click-through-rateThe network provides names of the people who click your adThe network will continue to show your ad for 7 days once your budget has expiredIf a person adds a product to a shopping cart but then leaves the website – which of the following tactics is most likely to encourage that person to return and purchase the product?Retargeting with a display ad encouraging newsletter sign-upRedesigning your websiteCreating a Facebook page for your businessRetargeting with a display ad that has a discount couponWhat is the first step of display retargeting?Sourcing keywordsDefining your audienceWriting content Setting a call to actionWhen incorporating videos into a digital strategy, which of the following tactics provides value to customers?Setting up live streams of the business's physical shop on their websitePublishing a how-to video on their websiteProducing sale campaign videosSharing personal vlogsWhat can using video as part of your online presence help you create?Content that will go viral A channel to engage with customersA variety of different brand perceptionsAn online following and fanbaseFill in the blank: As a small business, creating videos to showcase your business or product requires only ______.An agency, professional crew and equipmentCreativity, lots of experience and a large budgetCreativity, planning and any budgetCreativity, planning and high-quality equipmentUsing videos in email marketing and social media is an effective way to do what?Increase word of mouth referralsEngage and grow your audienceGuarantee sales of your product or serviceLower the cost of developing contentHow can you take advantage of video for your product/services without actually making a video?This isn't possibleAdvertise on other people's videosUse images with a call to action insteadShare other people's videosWhen looking at your video analytics, you discover people are only watching the first few seconds of your video. What should you do?Consider removing the video from the platformConsider re-shooting your video based on commentsConsider updating your preview images, video titles or descriptionsConsider asking people to watch the whole video in the descriptionFill in the blank: Website analytics can tell you _____________.What time of day your website gets the most trafficHow many mentions or likes you get on social mediaHow well your competitor's ad campaigns are doingThe email addresses of visitors to your landing pagesAnalytics can give you immediate valuable information about which type of customers?Previous and current customersCurrent and future customersPrevious and future customersOffline and online customersIf your key business goal is to get people to book rooms at your guesthouse, what data are you most likely to be interested in?How long people spend on your 'How To Find Us' pageWhich day of the week is most popular for bookingsWhether your funny Tweet goes viralHow many people visiting your site book a room with youMost web analytics tools can tell you what information about the user?Their contact details, their behaviour and their operating systemTheir location, type of device they're using and pages visitedTheir location, type of device they're using and contact detailsTheir interests, when they delete their browser cookies and their locationFill in the blank: If an ad is not performing well, one effective tactic is to _____________.Try a different search engineTweak the ad's copy and analyse the resultsHire a professional ad agencyDelete the ad and try againWhich section of Google Analytics can tell you whether visitors have found your website via social media?Site searchAcquisitionBehaviour Search ConsoleWhich type of data relates to a metric that can be represented with a number?QuantitativeQualitativeHolisticCustomerWhat makes the data cycle useful?It helps you make the most of the data collected from marketing activitiesIt helps you evaluate your competitionIt provides information about what users like about your websiteIt presents collected data in a visually appealing wayFill in the blank: Actionable insights can be described as explaining the ______ of an online marketing campaign.'Why''How''When''Who'Which of the following is a benefit of using spreadsheets?Vast quantities of data can be stored, sorted and analysed quicklyData can only be accessed when all users are onlineValuable customer and market insights can be delivered quicklySpreadsheets are the only way to collect data and extrapolate resultsIf you needed to showcase which parts of a website are being clicked on the most, which presentation type should you consider?Bar chart Pie chart Table Heat mapWhat would be beneficial to include on a product description page?Previous versions of the productLinks to other suppliersReviews of the productPrice comparisonsWhich of the following is an advantage of e-commerce?More relaxed checkout procedureLow operational costsMinimal interaction required with the customerSegmentation of audiencesTo an owner or administrator, what is a functional benefit of having an online store?It collects the addresses of your online store visitorsIt provides a backend system with order managementIt provides a quicker checkout process than a physical storeIt allows you to feature more sales and discounts than a physical storeWhat is the name of the process that describes what happens when a customer is taken to a separate site to complete a transaction before being sent back to the original site again?Second-party payment processingThird-party payment processingExternal payment processingInternal payment processingWhich of the following is a sign that customers are having trouble using a particular device to make purchases?Analytics shows you have a lot of mobile visitors, but very few purchases through mobileA specific product is not selling much compared to your other productsYou get a lot of questions about your return policyPeople are having trouble using a promo code for a current saleWhat is an example of product merchandising?Running an ad for your productsAdding a way for customers to filter your productsDisplaying very specific, featured products on your home pageCross-selling products in the checkout processWhich of the following statements is true when describing how retargeting ads work?Retargeting ads are visible to people who haven't been on your website yetOnce a user visits your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookieOnce your customer purchases, you can not turn off the retargeting adRetargeting will always drive customers to your siteWhat is the best way to translate the content on your website for a new market?Google translateNative speakersTranslation softwareLanguage guideBefore starting to promote products to other countries online, what could you use to gauge demand for your product in that specific market?Translation softwareKeyword planning tools Interviews with people from that countryA range of search ads in different countriesWhen adapting your website for customers who speak a different language, what should you do?Have a 'translate' button that pulls a translation from an external providerTranslate your content with consideration to particular words and phrasesTranslate your content directly, word for wordLocalise the name of the business ownersWhich of the following is primarily meant to target new customers online?Email marketingPrint advertisingRetargeting advertisingSearch advertisingWhat should a business do first, when considering going into a new market?Hire an agency to translate its website into the local languageOpen a new office in the capital cityDetermine its ability to deliver products and review all tax and legal informationInvest in major ad campaigns to raise brand awarenessWhen selling to people in different countries, what payment form should you consider using if you aren't already?Debit cardsCredit cardsPaypal or WorldpayBank transfersWhich of the following options is important to research when planning to expand delivery of products and services to customers across the globe?What times of the day international shoppers are onlineThe legal and tax considerations in that marketWhich social channels are popular in that marketWhich couriers offer the cheapest services for global shippingCheck Your Knowledge AnswersModule 1 Lesson 1 Intro To The Digital GarageDoing Business Online Brings Lots Of Fantastic Opportunities – It Can Really Help Your Company In New And Exciting Ways. Once Your Business Is Online, What Opportunities Can You Take Advantage Of?(A) Finding lots of new customers – everyone’s online these days(B) Selling your products or services straight from your website or app(C) Delivering targeted advertising to customers(D) Saving money on your heating bills(E) Learning more about what your customers love(F) Using analytics to power your online salesModule 1 Lesson 2 Your Digital OpportunityKarl, A 50-Year-Old Mechanic, Runs The Local Garage In A Small Town And Is Considering Taking His Business Online. How Could Going Digital Benefit His Business?(A) He’d be more visible to customers(B) He can target ads at local customers(C) It’s easier to communicate with customers(D) Less need for customer conversations(E) More insights into customers’ online behaviour(F) He can modernise his company logoModule 2 Lesson 1 Your Online GoalsQ.1 – Hamish Is A Successful Hairdresser. He’s Decided To Grow His Business By Opening Another Salon. Hamish Doesn’t Have An Online Presence Yet, But Thinks This Might Help. Which Of His Business Goals Could Being Online Help Him Achieve?(A) Attract new customers(B) Gather customer feedback(C) Source new hair colouring products(D) Advertise extended opening hoursModule 2 Lesson 2 Building Your Online PresenceHamish Has Created A Website With An Online Booking System For His Salon Appointments. He Wants To Engage More With His Customers And Came Up A List Of Goals. Help Hamish To Match Each Task With The Online Tool You Think He Should Use To Achieve His Goal.Q.1 – Gather Customer Feedback(A) An Online Gallery(B) Email Survey(C) A map(D) Social Media PageQ.2 – Tell customers about the extended opening hours(A) An Online Gallery(B) Email Survey(C) A map(D) Social Media PageQ.3 – Show customers Hamish’s latest hair looks(A) An Online Gallery(B) Email Survey(C) A map(D) Social Media PageQ.4 – Help local customers find the new salon(A) An Online Gallery(B) Email Survey(C) A map(D) Social Media PageModule 2 Lesson 3 Marketing Your Online PresenceHamish’s Website Isn’t Getting As Many Visitors As He’d Like. He’s Heard That Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Can Help, But Isn’t Sure How It Works. Can You Explain What SEM Enables You To Do?(A) Buy ad space on a search results page(B) Bid for keywords to display your content in search engines(C) Tag keywords within your website content(D) Optimise your website’s designModule 2 Lesson 4 Analyse And AdaptDespite His Digital Presence, The Number Of Hits On Hamish’s Website Is Still Low. He’d Like To Use Analytics To Find Out More About How Customers Are Interacting With His Site. What Can He Learn From Analytics? Select The Ways You Think Analytics Can Help Business Owners.(1) Show which pages of a website are popular.(A) Yes(B) No(2) Log which items of the website are clicked on.(A) Yes(B) No(3) List which parts of the website a user doesn’t like.(A) Yes(B) No(4) Identify where in the world visitors are logging on from.(A) Yes(B) NoModule 3 Lesson 1 Choosing Your Online PresenceAddie Runs A Local Bakery. After Getting The Business Up And Running Over The Last Six Months, She’s Now Ready To Create A Digital Presence. What Do You Think Addie Should Set Up First: A Social Media Profile Or A Mobile App?(1) Social Media Profile(2) Mobile AppModule 3 Lesson 2 How Websites WorkAddie Is Investigating How To Create Business Websites For Her Local Bakery Business. She’s Trying To Get Her Head Around How Websites Work. How Good Is Your Tech Knowledge? Can You Check The Facts For Addie?Q.1 – An IP address is made up of a string of numbers that can be located by any device connected to the internet.(A) True(B) FalseQ.2 – A browser figures out where online content is hosted and displays it to the user.(A) True(B) FalseQ.3 – Every website is hosted on a server.(A) True(B) FalseQ.4 – When users navigate to a website it is known as ‘hosting’.(A) True(B) FalseModule 3 Lesson 3 Key Website IngredientsAddie Owns The Knead To Know Bakery And Has Decided To Open A Website. But First She Needs To Choose A Domain Name. Take A Look At Her Ideas And Select The Best Domain Name By Crossing Off The Rest.(A) knead2know.com(B) kneadtoknowbakery.com(C) Addies.com(D) i-knead-it.org(E) mybakery.comModule 3 Lesson 4 Websites And Your Business GoalsAddie Is Drafting A Description For The About Us Page Of Her Bakery Website. Which Do You Think Works Best?(A) Our business is driven by your vision and objective – to commit to sustainable, local produce that engages with and builds community spirit.(B) Love cake? So do we. Here at Knead to Know Bakery we have a passion and reputation for creating the most delicious cookies, cakes and bread.(C) We are the best bakers in town. Just like that!Module 3 Lesson 5 Make Your Website Easy To UseAddie Wants To Make Her Website Easy To Navigate. Which Of The Following Features Should Addie Include On Every Page Of Her Website?(A) Side Menu(B) About Us information(C) Bakery logo leading to homepage(D) Search fieldModule 3 Lesson 6 Website Design Do’s And Don’tsTo Make The Homepage Of Her Local Bakery Website Interesting, Addie Wants To Add Some Media Elements To It. Different Elements Will Cause The Page To Take Longer To Load, So She Needs To Get The Right Mix For The Site. Can You Put The Following Elements In Order From The Ones With The Longest Load Time To The Shortest?The Correct Order is:(1) 2 minute HD advertising video for the bakery(2) Large high res, full screen background image(3) 20 second explainer animation(4) Low res compressed thumbnail image(5) Twitter button that links out to Twitter page.(6) Text descriptions.Module 4 Lesson 1 The Benefits Of An Online StrategySam Has Recently Decided To Launch An Online Fitness Coaching Service. He Has Registered A Domain Name And Set Up A Website, But Is Unsure Of How To Launch His Business Online In A Way That Will Help Him Grow Sustainably. Help Sam Create His Own Online Business Strategy, By Selecting The Correct Steps He Should Take.Q.1 – What should his first step be?(A) Define business goals(B) Create an email template(C) Find an investor(D) Ask the bank for adviceQ.2 – What should his second step be?(A) Launch a blog(B) Hire an assistant(C) Design a logo(D) Write a mission statementQ.3 – What should his third step be?(A) Launch an advertising campaign(B) Identify his USP(C) Launch a newsletter(D) Hire an accountantModule 4 Lesson 2 Taking A Business OnlineOmar Owns A Stall Selling Handmade Cosmetics, And Wants To Launch An E-Commerce Site. He Has Lots Of Experience Selling His Products In Person At Markets, But Is Now Hoping To Reach More Customers Online. Can You Advise Omar On How To Make Both His Online And Offline Business Successful?Q.1 – He should focus on duplicating his successful offline marketing efforts to an online audience(A) True(B) FalseQ.2 – He should sell at a cheaper price on the website to attract more customers(A) True(B) FalseQ.3 – He should identify his various online and offline audiences, and how best to engage them(A) True(B) FalseQ.4 – He should consider paid online advertising as the sole means of promoting his business online(A) True(B) FalseModule 4 Lesson 3 Understanding Customer BehaviourHolly Owns A Dance Studio. To Improve Sales Of Dance Classes, She Is Reviewing How Her Marketing Team Could Update The Company’s Online Presence. As Part Of The Rebrand, The Team Listened To Customer Feedback And Mapped Customer Journeys. They Identified Two Things Online Customers Generally Struggled With: Navigating The Website And Finding The Business’s Contact Information. Which Of The Brand’s Touchpoints Should Holly Modify To Help Address Her Customer’s Feedback?(A) Website layout(B) Instagram account(C) Instructor’s blog(D) Email marketingModule 4 Lesson 4 How To Stand Out From The CompetitionBobbi Owns A Protein Shake Company, Which Has Been Trading For 3 Years. Her Products Are Stocked In A Number Of Gyms, But The Company Has Not Seen Much Growth In Recent Months. Bobbi Would Now Like To Break Into The Online Market To Boost Product Sales. Which Of The Following Actions Should Bobbi Take To Identify Opportunities For Online Business Growth?(A) Hire a Financial Planner(B) Identify a USP(C) Ship to new countries(D) Build a SWOT analysis(E) Distribute feedback forms to suppliers(F) Review competitor websitesModule 4 Lesson 5 Using Goals To Improve Business PerformanceRyan Has Written Some KPIs To Help His Fitness Centres Achieve The Business Goal Of “Improving Overall Client Satisfaction”. Review These Four KPIs. Which Do You Think Fit The Criteria Of Being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant And Time-Bound?(A) Ensure 80% of clients use the gym’s online system to book personal training appointments(B) Increase how much money customers spend in the gym’s juice bar(C) A score of 85% or more in the annual survey for the question ‘Would you recommend this gym to a friend?’(D) Ensure 90% of new gym members book an induction session within the first two weeks of joiningModule 5 Lesson 1 Search Engine BasicsSeth Is Opening A Coffee Shop And Is Looking To Attract New Customers. Take A Look At The List Of Benefits Seth Sees In Using Search Engines. One Statement Is Not True. Can You Cross It Out?(A) Customers can locate Seth’s products and services when they search for them online(B) Search engines can help to get the word out locally about Seth’s new business(C) Search engines can help Seth to target customers who are already looking for his business(D) Customers will see advertisements for Seth’s business whenever they use a search engineModule 5 Lesson 2 How Search Engines WorkSeth’s Coffee Shop Is Unique – It Has An Outside Roof Terrace And A Library Area So Customers Can Read While They Sip. He Also Sells Rare Coffee Beans Imported From Peru. What Are A Few Techniques He Could Use To Make His Website More Relevant To Its Desired Users?(A) Point out unique aspects of his business(B) Write a blog to sing the praises of his Peruvian beans(C) Make sure his shop appears on Google maps(D) Paste in a product description of his Peruvian beans that he found on another website(E) Try to get other coffee-enthusiasts to review his business/websiteModule 5 Lesson 3 How Search Engines See The WebSeth Would Like To Make Sure As Many Interested Customers As Possible Are Seeing His Business’s Website Displayed In Their Search Results. What Are A Few Things He Could Pay Attention To In Order To Achieve This?(A) Image file names(B) Page titles(C) Keywords in the content(D) Keyword meta tagsModule 5 Lesson 4 Organic Search ExplainedOrganic Search Results Appear When Someone Makes A Search Using A Search Engine. They Aren’t Paid For By Businesses And They Aren’t Adverts. Which Of The Images Shows The Organic Search Results From This Particular Search?(A) Image 1(B) Image 2(C) Image 3Module 5 Lesson 5 Paid Search ExplainedSeth Is Considering Advertising His Business Using Paid Search Results. What Do You Think Makes Paid Search Advertising So Effective As A Marketing Method? Look At The Following Statements And Decide Whether They Are True Or False.Q.1 – Seth’s adverts are shown to people who are already interested in his type of business.(A) True(B) FalseQ.2 – Seth will only be charged for advertising when his ad appears in the search results.(A) True(B) FalseQ.3 – The paid search results are given a more prominent position on the search results page.(A) True(B) FalseQ.4 – Seth will be charged for advertising only when someone clicks on his ad.(A) True(B) FalseModule 5 Lesson 6 Google Search ConsoleSeth’s Website Has Been Up And Running For A While, But He Isn’t Sure How Effective It’s Been At Drawing In New Customers. How Can Google Search Console Help Seth With This?(A) It can help show whether he’s using proper keywords in his content(B) It can recommend better page titles for Seth to use(C) It can recommend content that will drive more traffic to his siteModule 6 Lesson 1 Intro To Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)Eric Is Expanding His Business By Selling Fruit And Veg Online. His Website Has Been Up And Running For A While But He’s Not Getting Many Views Or Orders Online. Eric Knows He Can Improve His Search Engine Results With Either Paid Search Or SEO.Take a look at the following search results screens. Where will his website appear in the search results if he purely uses SEO to improve his results?(A) Image 1(B) Image 2(C) Image 3Module 6 Lesson 2 The Importance Of An SEO PlanEric Is Keen To Improve His Search Engine Results And He Wants To Use SEO To Do It. He’s Written The Step-By-Step Process For His SEO Plan, But It’s Currently In The Wrong Order. Can You Reorder It?The correct order is(1) Do Keyword research(2) See where I appear in search results for specific keywords(3) Look for gaps in my SEO performance(4) Review results and adjust plan.Module 6 Lesson 3 The SEO ProcessEric Sells Fruit And Veg Online And Is Using SEO To Improve Where He Ranks In Search Engine Results. He’s Researched What People Search For To Get To His Website, And He’s Created Content To Match It. Eric’s SEO Work Doesn’t Stop There Though. He’s Been Talking To Some Friends And They’ve All Offered Him Advice About How He Should Keep Up With SEO Over Time. What advice should he not take?(A) Contract an agency offering top organic search positions(B) Don’t change your keywords as it confuses search engines(C) Stay up to date with search engine changes(D) Read about the trends in your industry and use them to create content for your page(E) Get opinions from your customers on what might be missing from your siteModule 6 Lesson 4 How To Choose KeywordsEric Is Optimising His Fruit And Veg Website For SEO And Would Like To Improve His ‘Long Tail’ Keywords. Which Of These Sets Of Words Contains An Example Of Long Tail Keywords?(A) Maris piper potatoes(B) Potato, potatoes, farm potatoes, organic potatoes(C) Buy organic potatoes from a family farmModule 6 Lesson 5 Setting Realistic SEO GoalsEric Has Been Selling Fruit And Veg Online For A While. He’s Chosen The Keywords That He Feels Will Drive The Right People To His Website; Now He Needs To Track The Progress Of These Keywords With Analytics Tools. What Information Will Analytics Give Him?(A) Where website visitors are located(B) Which website visitors turn into paying customers(C) What content visitors interact with(D) Whether customers enjoy the fruit and veg they buyModule 7 Lesson 1 Making Your Web Pages Search FriendlyEric Blake Sells The Produce From His Farm Online. He Wants To Optimise The Page That Sells Fruit And Vegetables, So He’s Looking Into Titles And Meta Tags, Headings, And Improving His Copy. Can You Help Eric Choose A Suitable Title And Meta Description?Q.1 – Click to Select Title(A) Blake’s Produce: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables(B) Blake’s Produce(C) Blake’s Produce: Local to youQ.2 – Click to select meta description(A) Produce grown locally and delivered to you(B) Fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally and delivered straight to your door(C) Farm fresh produce grown by local farmer Eric and delivered straight to your doorModule 7 Lesson 2 How Other Websites Can Work For YouEric Is Working On His Website, Which Sells Produce From His Farm. He’s Thinking Of Different Ways To Improve His Website So That It Appears On More Search Engine Results And Gets More Traffic. Which Of These Ideas Will Help Improve His Search Visibility?(A) Write recipes that use vegetables that he sells(B) Get lots of likes or followers on social media(C) Encourage others to write about his website(D) Add lots of links to the websiteModule 7 Lesson 3 Cross Borders With SEOEric’s Farm Produce Business Started Locally In The UK, But He’s Started Getting Orders From Overseas As Well. Not Wanting To Miss This Opportunity, Eric Decides To Optimise His Website To An International Audience. What Should He Avoid Doing? Select The Things Eric Should Avoid Then Select Submit To Remove Them.(A) Separating out each language into different pages(B) Having different languages on the same page(C) Adding language annotations to his webpage(D) Using automated services to translate contentModule 8 Lesson 1 Introduction To Search Engine Marketing(SEM)Michelle Is A Wedding Photographer In Cardiff. She Wants To Use Search Engine Marketing To Bring Customers To Her Website. Where Will Her Website Appear If She Uses Search Engine Marketing?(A) Image 1(B) Image 2(C) Image 3Module 8 Lesson 2 The SEM AuctionMichelle Has Created Some Adverts To Promote Her Wedding Photography Business In Cardiff. She Wants Her Adverts To Align With The Keywords ‘Wedding Photographer Cardiff Discount’, As She’s Offering 25% Off At The Moment. Can You Order The Following Advert Headings From Best To Worst In Terms Of How Well They Align With The Keywords?The correct order is(1) Cardiff wedding photographer – 25% discount(2) Cardiff wedding photographer(3) Discount wedding(4) WeddingModule 8 Lesson 3 What Makes A Good KeywordTo Increase Her Quality Score, Michelle Is Thinking About The Best Keywords And Phrases To Use. Cross Off The Keywords Which She Shouldn’t Use.(A) Wedding photography Cardiff(B) Cardiff weddings(C) Wedding photography business based in CardiffModule 8 Lesson 4 Make Your Ads Stand OutMichelle Is Writing Her Search Ad For Her Wedding Photography Business. She Wants To Make Sure It Stands Out. Which Of These Text Statements Would Work Best As An Ad?(A) Wedding Photographer. Cardiff based photographer specialises in outdoor weddings and scenic locations. Book Now!(B) Cardiff Wedding Photography. Get 25% off your first order. Make your reservation now.(C) Welsh wedding pics. Want great wedding pics? Cardiff based photographer, Michelle, available for hire.Module 9 Lesson 1 Achieve Relevance With Good StructureAnna Is A Commercial Photographer. She’s Setting Up SEM Campaigns To Draw More Traffic To Her Site. She Needs To Make Sure Her Ads Are Relevant, And She’s Doing This By Creating Ad Groups For Each Type Of Product. Take a look at the ad below:Wedding photographyCapture your special day with beautiful photographsCall to book your date now!Question – Can you help Anna by eliminating the keywords that wouldn’t be relevant to her ad?(A) Bridal party photos(B) Candid wedding photos(C) Baby photoshoot(D) Newborn baby photography(E) Professional website photosModule 9 Lesson 2 Get The Most From Your KeywordsAnna Specialises In Portrait Photography. She Uses Her Website To Reach Potential Customers And Has Recently Set Up An SEM Campaign To Draw More Traffic To Her Site. She Wants To Use Negative Keywords To Make Sure Her Ads Don’t Appear For People Who Aren’t Potential Customers. Which Of The Following Keywords Are The Negative Keywords?(A) Photographer(B) Portrait(C) Landscape(D) Family photo(E) WatercolourModule 9 Lesson 3 Fine-Tune With Keyword Match TypesAnna Has A Themed Portrait Photography Studio. She Offers Competitive Prices And Reaches And Engages With Visitors To Her Site Through Her Online Presence. However, Not Many Of Them Become Paying Customers. Anna Has A Range Of Keywords And Wants To Fine-Tune Them To Best Target Potentially Paying Customers. Put the keywords in order of the broadest to the most restrictive.The correct order is(1) Photography, portraits(2) Portrait photography studio(3) Movie themed portrait photography(4) Film themed portrait photography, low costModule 9 Lesson 4 How To Know What’s Working And What Isn’tAnna Is A Photographer. She’s Previously Focused On Wedding Photography, But She Now Takes Requests To Photograph Other Events As Well. Customers Can Contact Her Through The Site’s Enquiry Page To Make Requests. They Can Also Look At Her Gallery And Sign Up To An Email Newsletter. Anna wants to track how many people request photography for events that aren’t weddings. Where should she place the conversion tracking code?(A) Homepage(B) Enquiry page(C) Enquiry confirmation page(D) Newsletter sign-up pageModule 10 Lesson 1 Marketing To The LocalsJim Is Running A Bike Shop In A Popular Tourist City And He’s Started A Bike Hire Service. What Would Be The Better Way For Jim To Attract More Tourists – A Map Feature Or A Social Media Page?(1) A Map feature(B) A Social Media pageModule 10 Lesson 2 The Power Of Local DirectoriesJim Owns A Local Bike Shop And Wants To Be Noticed More By The People In His Town. He Decides To Use The Internet To Connect With Customers Online By Creating A Listing For His Business In A Local Directory Like Google My Business. Help Jim Create His Listing By Choosing The Minimum Information He Should Add.(A) Jim’s Bikes(B) 10 Bird Way, Cowseld, West Sussex, RH11 5XN(C) Phone number 01269 559632(D) Open 9–5 Mon–Sat(E) Image of a bikeModule 11 Lesson 1 Using Digital To Advertise LocallyEsmeralda Runs A Local Bike Shop. If She Advertises Her Shop Using The Internet, Esmeralda Could Reach People In Many Different Countries. But She Doesn’t Want To Do That. She Wants To Target Her Online Ads To Local Customers. How Can She Do This Effectively?(A) Show ads to people within 10 miles of her shop(B) Display the ad during the shop’s opening hours(C) Tailor her ads for people who live locally(D) Hand out flyers and business cards to local shopsModule 11 Lesson 2 Reaching Locals On Their MobilesEsmeralda Runs A Local Bike Shop. She Knows A Lot Of Her Customers Use Smartphones With GPS, So She Invested In A Mobile App That Can Utilise This Technology. She Has A Couple Of Ideas How To Use The App To Engage Her Customers. Can You Remove The Ideas That Do Not Need GPS?(A) Send sales alerts when customers are near the shop(B) Notify people of promotional events like a free tune-up(C) Direct customers to Esmeralda’s shop(D) Send personalised coupons to repeat customers(E) Let customers schedule appointments for repairsModule 11 Lesson 3 SEO For Local BusinessesEsmeralda Owns A Bike Shop And Wants To Make Her Website Interesting For Local Customers. She’s Currently Planning Blog Content That Will Help Her Show Up On Searches For Local Shops. She’s Had An Idea For A Post About Famous Cyclists And One About Popular Bike Trails In The Area. Which One Do You Think Esmeralda Should Start With?(1) Post about famous cyclists(2) Post about popular bike trails in the areaModule 12 Lesson 1 Social Media BasicsLily Runs A Vintage Clothing Company. She’s Set Up An Instagram And A Facebook Page, And Has Gained Some Followers By Putting A Sign Up In Her Shop. What Can Lily Do To Keep These Followers And Encourage Others?(A) Start a conversation with your followers(B) Comment on all of your followers’ personal posts(C) Delete all negative comments(D) Post regularly(E) Name and shame competitorsModule 12 Lesson 2 The Right Social Media Sites For YouLily Has Drafted A Number Of Different Posts For Her Social Media Accounts. Can You Match The Post To The Best Social Network For Each Of The Following Scenarios?Q.1 – Vintage Lily is looking for a carpenter to create a bespoke counter top for our vintage clothing shop; contact me for details(A) Instagram(B) LinkedIn(C) FacebookQ.2 – Loving these recent photos of the new range by my fantastic photographer friend Rae(A) Instagram(B) LinkedIn(C) FacebookQ.3 – So excited about our first ever after-hours vintage fashion show on Thursday at 7 p.m. – join us?(A) Instagram(B) LinkedIn(C) FacebookModule 12 Lesson 3 Setting Your Goals For Social MediaLily Has Had Fun Experimenting With The Various Social Media Networks But It’s Time To Get A Little More Serious. Which Of Lily’s Business Goals Can She Achieve With Social Media?(A) Raise the profile of the business(B) Keep expenditure within the stated budgets(C) Attract new customers and grow the customer base(D) Control the flow of stock(E) Discuss new products with customersModule 12 Lesson 4 Getting On Social MediaLily Is Setting Up A Twitter Profile For Her Business. She’s Put Together A List Of The Key Things She’ll Need To Get Her Profile Up And Running. Can You Check Her List And Cross Off Any Items She Doesn’t Need To Include In Her Twitter Business Profile?(A) A business email account(B) Annual membership fee(C) A company logo or photo(D) Business description and contact details(E) Number of employees in the businessModule 13 Lesson 1 Your Long-Term Social Media PlanLily Runs A Vintage Clothing Shop And Wants To Engage More With Her Customers Online. She Currently Posts To Two Social Media Networks But Wants To Develop A Full Social Media Strategy. Review The Possible Options. Can You Place Them Into The Right Order, Starting With What Lily Should Do First?The correct order is(1) Create a Social Media Plan(2) Set up accounts on appropriate social media sites(3) Sign up to a Social media management tool(4) Create a list of posts to be automatically posted in the coming weeksModule 13 Lesson 2 Advertising On Social MediaLily Has Decided To Use Some Of Her Social Media Budget For Targeted Facebook Adverts. She’s Keen To Take Her Vintage Clothing Business Global And Wants To Reach A Wider Audience, So Which Groups Should Her Advertisements Be Targeted At?(A) Users who have posted about buying vintage clothes(B) Users who have ‘liked’ vintage clothing(C) Users who live within 20 miles of Lily’s shop(D) Users who live in countries that she’d be happy to mail her products toModule 13 Lesson 3 Measuring Success In Social MediaLily Is Keen To Use Analytics To Evaluate The Results Of Her Social Media Campaigns. Analytics Can Help With This Question. Can You Help Her By Crossing Off The Things That Analytics Won’t Be Able To Help Her With?(A) Tell Lily how many visitors interact with her website(B) Show Lily how visitors found the site(C) Schedule content to be posted automatically at specified times(D) Send custom posts to specific visitorsModule 13 Lesson 4 Avoiding Social Media PitfallsLily Sees A Negative Post On Twitter About Her Vintage Clothing Business: “Received My #VintageLily Dress Today Only To Find The Zip Was Broken! #Lousyservice #Vintagewoes” How Do You Think She Should Respond?(A) “@sophie112 – We’ve never had our zips break before. Did you pull it too quickly?”(B) “So sorry to hear that @sophie112 DM me so that we can get that dress fixed up as soon as possible.(C) “@sophie112 That’s a shame, sometimes the zips just break.”Module 14 Lesson 1 The Evolution Of Mobile DevicesPhil Runs A Local Plumbing Business. He Has A Website But It Isn’t Mobile-Optimised. He’s Deciding Whether To Make His Site Responsive Or Create A Customised App. Help Him To Decide Which Route To Take First.(1) Create a customised App(2) Make his website responsiveModule 14 Lesson 2 Understanding Mobile Web And Mobile AppsNow That Phil Has Decided On A Responsive Website, He Needs To Select A Great Design. Have A Look At These Website Layouts. Which Do You Think Is Best Suited For Mobile?(A) Website A(B) Website B(C) Website CModule 14 Lesson 3 Understanding Mobile AppsPhil Has Limited Technical Knowledge But He Wants To Create An App To Simplify The Booking Process For His Customers. It’s Important To Select The Right Approach When Making An App. Which Of The Following Routes Would You Not Recommend To Phil?(A) A professional app developer(B) An online self-service tool(C) Repurpose an existing app(D) Make the app himselfModule 15 Lesson 1 Introduction For Advertising On MobileMo Is A Plumber In Glasgow. He Has A Mobile-Friendly Website, And Wants To Make Sure His Site Becomes More Visible On The Results Page During A Search. Which Keywords Do You Think Would Work Well For His Mobile SEO?(A) Leaky Tap(B) Blocked Sink(C) How to fix a burst pipe in your bathroom(D) Local plumber(E) Pressure has failed in boiler, how can I fix it myself?(F) Ubend fix(G) Why is my dishwasher making a gurgling sound?Module 15 Lesson 2 Search Campaigns For MobileMo’s A Plumber With A Responsive Website. He Wants To Make Sure He’s Using The Right Keywords For His Mobile SEO. Which Online Tool Could Help Him Identify Which Keywords Would Be Most Effective?(A) Google Keyword Planner(B) Google Analytics(C) HootsuiteModule 15 Lesson 3 Display Campaigns For MobileMo Is Keen To Advertise His Plumbing Business. He Needs To Find The Display Advert Design That Will Display Optimally On A Large Smartphone Device, As That’s What Most Of His Customers Use. Which Of The Designs Would Work Best On Smartphones?(A) Design 1(B) Design 2Module 15 Lesson 4 Social Media Campaigns For MobileAfter A Lull In Sales, Mo Wants To Use A Social Media Campaign To Launch Some Of His New Plumbing Services. He Wants To Make Sure He’s Targeting The Right Audience. Which Parameters Should He Use To Decide Who To Target?(A) Internet speed, age, interests, hair colour, location, job title(B) Age, interests, location(C) Marital status, gender, interests, ageModule 15 Lesson 5 Video For MobileMo Has A Plumbing Business. He’s Noticed That Other Service Companies Publish Short Videos To Show Off Their Expertise, Products, And How They Do Things. This Engages Their Customers And Drives Interest In Their Services. To Help Customers With Common Plumbing Problems, He Wants To Create A Do-It-Yourself Video On His Website. How Long Should He Make His Video?(A) 30 seconds(B) 60 seocnds(C) 90 seconds(D) 120 seconds(E) 150 seconds(F) 180 secondsModule 16 Lesson 1 Intro To Content MarketingAngela Opened Her Own Beauty Salon Two Years Ago, And Is Now Looking At How Content Marketing Can Help Her Boost The Business’s Profile Online. How Could Content Marketing Help Her?Q.1 – Could it help her find cheaper suppliers?(A) True(B) FalseQ.2 – Could it help her develop a stronger brand identity?(A) True(B) FalseQ.3 – Could it help her understand her customers’ shopping preferences?(A) True(B) FalseQ.4 – Could it help her connect with the right audience?(A) True(B) FalseModule 16 Lesson 2 Get To Know Your Online CustomersAlex Is A Mechanic Who Owns A Small Garage. He’s Also A Keen Blogger, And Writes Great Posts About His Passion: Cars! He Thought His Blog Would Attract More Car Lovers To His Garage, But So Far His Blog Posts Are Not Very Popular And Are Rarely Shared On Social Media. He Has Researched How To Improve The Blog And Now Has A Number Of Actions He Can Take, But Is Unsure Which Should Come First. Can You Help Him By Arranging The Following Actions Into The Correct Order?The correct order is:(1) Find out who his audience is(2) Segment his audience into groups(3) Create specific content targeted to these audience profiles(4) Publish the content and promote it to his audienceModule 16 Lesson 3 Choosing The Right Format For Your ContentJamie Is Part Of The Content Marketing Team For Fitstuff, A Sports Shop. The Content He’s Producing Needs To Appeal To New Customers, As Well As Provide Extra Value To Existing Customers. Which Of The Following Content Would Appeal Best To Both Audiences?(A) List of the top 10 sports equipment outlets/shops(B) A competition inviting customers to submit photos of themselves wearing Fitstuff gear, with store gift vouchers up for grabs as prizes(C) 10% discount vouchers for all new customers(D) A blog about the store’s recycling scheme for old trainersModule 16 Lesson 4 Writing For Online AudiencesJosh, An Interior Designer, Has Decided To Create Blog Posts And Share Them On Social Media To Promote His New Business. He’s Made A List Of All Of The Things He Should Remember When Writing – However, Not All Points On His List Are Correct. Can You Help Him Identify The Points That Are Correct On This List?(A) Focus on your target audience(B) Only write about the products or services you offer(C) Be consistent in your writing style and tone of voice(D) Add the hook to the end of your blog post(E) The longer the post, the betterModule 16 Lesson 5 Help Your Content Be SeenLydia Is A Business Student Working For A Hotel’s Marketing Department For The Summer. She’s Responsible For Creating And Promoting Content Across The Hotel’s Online Channels. What Should She Do, And In Which Order?She should do things in the following order:(1) Consider all the channels available(2) Decide what content to create, and when, based on the target audience(3) Create content(4) Publish content(5) Promote contentModule 16 Lesson 6 Measuring Your Success In Content MarketingMaria Has A Pet Shop In Bristol, And Is Writing Fun Blog Posts About Pets On Her Website, Which Are Also Being Promoted On Her Social Media Accounts. Her Goal Is To Try And Increase Product Sales Through Content Marketing Efforts. Which Metric Is The Most Relevant In Assessing Which Blog Posts Are Contributing To Increased Product Sales?(A) How long users spend on each blog post(B) Which websites are referring traffic to her blog(C) The number of new subscribers to her email marketing list(D) How many people click the “Buy Now” CTA at the end of each blog postModule 17 Lesson 1 Email Marketing BasicsSteph Runs An Online Pet Supplies Shop, And She Has Some Ideas About How Email Marketing Can Help Her Business. Two Of Her Ideas Are Correct And Two Are Not. Can You Weed Out The Wrong Ones?(A) It’s a good way of keeping customers informed about products(B) It helps customers talk to each other via email(C) It will let me send info about dog-related products to customers who have dogs(D) It lets customers email me if they have problems or questionsModule 17 Lesson 2 Your Email Marketing OptionsSteph Is Thinking About Using An Email Marketing Service To Help Her Send Out Marketing Emails For Her Pet Supplies Store. What Benefits Are There To Using An Email Marketing Service?(A) They make it easier for customers to sign up to receive marketing emails(B) They can help you create a customer database(C) They write marketing emails for you(D) They make it straightforward to send out personalised emailsModule 17 Lesson 3 Crafting Great Marketing EmailsSteph Is Writing A Marketing Email To Send Out To Customers Who Have Bought Puppy Food And Toys From Her Online Shop. Which Of The Following Options Should She Select To Use In The Subject Line Of The Email?(A) Save ££££s on PUPPY FOOD!!!!(B) MEGASALE on food for PUPZ!(C) Hi John, do you have a new puppy?Module 17 Lesson 4 Managing Successful Email CampaignsSteph Is Curious To Learn How Her Customers React To Email Marketing Campaigns. What Kind Of Analytics Data Might She Expect To Get From Her Recent Email Marketing Action?(A) Open rates(B) Clickthrough rates(C) Weekly sales(D) Trash ratesModule 17 Lesson 5 Managing Measuring Success In Email MarketingAmelia Is A Marketing Assistant At A Big Clothing Brand, And Has Just Sent Out Her First Email Marketing Campaign. She Takes A Look At The Click Through Rate, To Understand How Many People Clicked On A Link In The Email In Order To Land On Her Website. What Is The Drawback Of This Metric?(A) The reason for the rate being higher or lower is unknown(B) The less people that open the email, the lower the rate(C) It doesn’t track the number of bouncesModule 18 Lesson 1 What Is Display Advertising?Colin Has Been Running A Film Review Website For His Podcasts For The Past Two Years. He’d Like To Start Advertising His Site To Increase The Number Of Subscribers. To Do That He Wants To Contact Some Media Owners. Who Do You Think Colin Should Contact?(A) A forum for movie fans(B) Film production agency(C) An offline business directory(D) A network that matches businesses with ad space to sellModule 18 Lesson 2 Search Advertising Vs. Display AdvertisingTo Maximise The Hits On His Website, Colin Wants To Target Two Different Audiences Using Both Display Ads And Search Advertising. His Two Target Audiences Include Cinema-Goers And Home Movie Watchers. Which Type Of Approach Would Work For Each Audience?(1) Home Movie watchers(A) Place a display ad for the local cinema on Colin’s own website(B) Place a display ad on a cinema listings site(C) Create a search ad with keywords based on Colin’s film reviews(D) Distribute flyers at the local cinema(2) Cinema-goers(A) Place a display ad for the local cinema on Colin’s own website(B) Place a display ad on a cinema listings site(C) Create a search ad with keywords based on Colin’s film reviews(D) Distribute flyers at the local cinemaModule 18 Lesson 3 The Ins And Outs Of Display AdvertisingColin’s Favourite Director Has Launched A New Film. Colin Has Written A Review And Wants To Use It To Bring In Visitors With A Digital Campaign. Considering He Has A Limited Budget, Which Of The Website Pages Would Not Be Ideal For His Digital Ads?(A) Filmography page of the director(B) His friend’s culinary blog(C) Cinema listings(D) Local news websiteModule 19 Lesson 1 Making Display Ads Meet Your GoalsColin Distributes A Popular Movie Review Podcast Called ‘Film Talk’ From His Website. He Wants To Use Display Advertising To Attract New Visitors To His Site. Take A Look At The Three Adverts. Pick The One You Think Will Draw The Most Visitors.(A) Text-based ad(B) Video ad(C) Image and text adModule 19 Lesson 2 Understanding Ad NetworksColin Has Created His First Video Ad, And Identified Quite A Few Film-Related Websites Where He’d Like To Display It. What One Solution Will Allow Colin To Easily Place His Ad On As Many Relevant Websites As Possible?(A) Tweet the video link to his friends(B) Email website owners to ask if they will feature his video(C) Use an ad network such as Google Display Network(D) Share the video on his Facebook pageModule 19 Lesson 3 How Retargeting WorksColin Is Getting A Lot Of Traffic To His Podcast Website, But Not Many Subscribers. He Has Budget To Design Three Display Ads To Encourage People Back To His Website To Subscribe. Colin Came Up With A List Of Target Groups That He’d Like Reach With His Ads. Help Him To Cross Off The Two Least Useful Target Groups From His List.(A) People who visit his site(B) People who search for TV-related podcasts(C) People who have started (but not finished) the subscription process(D) People who download his e-catalogue(E) Commentators on film forumsModule 20 Lesson 1 The Rise Of Online VideoJustin Is A Passionate Cook. He Runs A Vegetarian Cooking Website Where He Shares Recipes And Sells Speciality Ingredients. How Could Justin Reach His Customers Through Online Video?(A) Upload cooking videos to YouTube(B) Advertise on other videos to promote his recipes(C) Add video to his own website(D) Advertise on online games(E) Buy a TV commercial slot(F) Share video on his social media pagesModule 20 Lesson 2 How Video Fits Into Your Online StrategyJustin’s Created The Perfect Vegetarian Lasagne, And He Wants To Share His Recipe With The World. Can You Help Him Plan Where To Put A Promo Video So It Will Most Effectively Reach His Target Audience?(A) In an email to his customers(B) Cookery section of YouTube(C) Websites selling speciality vegetarian ingredients(D) Local directory listingsModule 20 Lesson 3 Creating Video Content Within Your BudgetJustin Wants To Do Some Video Interviews With Other Local Chefs. He Wants To Add The Videos To His Blog. Can You Help Him Order His To-Do List?The correct order for his To-Do list is:(1) Plan the video release schedule(2) Storyboard the video content(3) Decide on a location and source props(4) Find a video crew and film the videos(5) Edit then upload the videosModule 20 Lesson 4 Sharing And Promoting Your VideosJustin Is Uploading Some New Videos. What Can He Do To Increase The Chance Of Them Being Promoted And Shared?(A) Post it on his website as well as other sites(B) Use a title and keywords that the target audience will use to search(C) Have a call to action such as a ‘share’ option(D) Add hashtags to your videos for social networking sitesModule 20 Lesson 5 Advertising On Video Sharing SitesJustin Wants To Do More Video Advertising. He Knows His Blog Audience Likes Cooking At Home, TV Shows Featuring Famous Chefs And Cooking Demo Videos. Which Keywords Should He Choose For The Google Ads Programme?(A) Home Cooking(B) TV Chefs(C) Instructional Videos(D) Cooking Videos(E) Chefs(F) TV ShowsModule 20 Lesson 6 Measuring Video PerformanceJustin Is Studying His Food Blog’s Analytics. He Notices That Most People Give Up On His Videos After 60 Seconds. He’s Brainstormed A List Of Fixes. Cross Out The Ones That You Think Are Wrong.(A) Change his preview image and video title(B) Update the video description(C) Keep new videos under 60 seconds(D) Review the comments to see what viewers have saidModule 21 Lesson 1 What Is Web Analytics?Linda Runs A Guesthouse With A Website Where People Can Book Their Rooms Online. She’s Been Using Web Analytics To Monitor How Customers Interact With Her Website. Linda Uses The Information To Improve The Site And The Visitor’s Experience. Take A Look At The Following Terms – Do You Know What They Mean In The Web Analytics World?(1) Time spent on site(A) Metric(B) Conversion(C) Dimension(2) Visitor’s device type(A) Metric(B) Conversion(C) Dimension(3) Visitor’s location(A) Metric(B) Conversion(C) Dimension(4) Signing up to the newsletter(A) Metric(B) Conversion(C) DimensionModule 21 Lesson 2 Making Web Analytics Work For YouLinda’s Analytics Data Shows People Unsubscribing From Her Newsletter After Two Weeks. These People Also Aren’t Booking Rooms At Her Guesthouse. Linda Gets Some Advice From Her Friends. Whose Advice Should She Take?(A) “Stop sending newsletters as people aren’t reading them”(B) “Review the content of the newsletters to check they’re suitable”(C) “Check you’re not sending too many newsletters”(D) “Send more newsletters reminding customers to book a room”Module 21 Lesson 3 Tracking Specific Goals With Web AnalyticsLinda Runs A Guesthouse And Has Been Using Analytics To Gather Information About How People Interact With Her Website. She’s Recently Revamped Her Newsletter, And Has Made The Site Responsive To Appeal To Users On Mobile Devices. Which Elements Of The Analytics Should Linda Focus On To Measure The Effectiveness Of Her Changes?(A) Number of visits to the site per month(B) Number of site pages users explore on average(C) Amount of time visitors spend on the site(D) Number of people clicking on the links in her newsletters(E) Percentage of orders made on smartphones and tabletsModule 22 Lesson 1 Web Analytics And Organic SearchLinda Runs A Guesthouse. She Wants To Use Analytics To Measure Traffic Coming To Her Website From Organic Search Results. What Can She Learn From Analytics Reports?(A) Which search engines visitors use(B) How traffic is trending over time(C) How relevant the content is for keywords(D) How many visitors are using mobile devicesModule 22 Lesson 2 Tools To Measure SEMLinda Owns A Guesthouse And Has A Website Where Customers Can Book And Pay For Rooms In Advance. Linda Uses SEM To Create Targeted Ads For Her Rooms. She’s Now Looking At The Analytics Data For The Different Ad Campaigns She Runs. Take A Look At The Analytics Data For The Three Campaigns. Which One Campaign Is Performing Least Well?(A) Cosy guesthouse in Guildford town centre Get away from it all in a relaxed setting Book a room today!(478 clicks 6% conversion rate)(B) Family friendly guesthouse Lots to do nearby Come and see what we have to offer!(830 clicks 2% conversion rate)(C) Romantic guesthouse getaway in Guildford Plan a special trip with your loved one Book online now!(630 clicks 4% conversion rate)Module 22 Lesson 3 Breaking Down Your Data For InsightsLinda Runs A Successful Guesthouse In The Centre Of Guildford. She Promotes The Guesthouse Online And Has A Website Where Customers Can Book And Pay For Rooms In Advance. Linda Wants To Use Segmentation To Break Down Her Analytics Data. What Information About The Visitors Can She Gather By Using This?(A) Devices used(B) The visitor’s city(C) The visitor’s country(D) The number of clicks on a pageModule 23 Lesson 1 Using Data To Understand AudiencesCharles Is Thinking About Taking His Business Online. He Has Many Questions, But First He Wants To Understand What Benefits Data Can Have In Online Marketing. He Needs Some Advice. What Are The Benefits Of Data In Online Marketing?(A) Data can be accessed and analysed in real time(B) Data helps you make informed decisions(C) Data allows you to regard every customer as a number, removing the need for personalisation(D) Digital data reaches more customersModule 23 Lesson 2 Understanding The Data CycleJo Is About To Launch A New Online Campaign, And Wants To Know How Data Can Be Used To Make The Campaign As Effective As Possible. Rearrange The Steps Below In The Correct Order To Help Jo Understand What Should Happen First.The correct order for the steps to follow is:(1) Identify the goals of the campaign and plan the next actions to take(2) Collect the relevant data(3) Check and investigate the findings(4) Take action to test the hypothesisModule 23 Lesson 3 Creating Actionable Insights From Your DataLee Is Currently Trying To Promote A Free EBook Download On His Website. He Has Spent Time Creating Compelling Emails And Posting Updates On His Social Media Accounts. He Decides To Use Data To Work Out If Actionable Insights Can Improve The Success Of His Non-Paid Promotional Efforts.Here are the highlights of the data that was gathered:75% of all eBook downloads came via his social media posts, 15% coming from his email newsletter and 10% via organic search trafficMost eBook downloads occured between 5.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.Facebook accounted for 65% of social media eBook downloads, LinkedIn made up another 25%, while other social media platforms delivered a total of 10%.Using this information, what actionable insights could Lee come up with to improve the success of his promotional efforts going forward?(A) Develop additional email marketing content, ensuring emails are delivered during the off-peak eBook download time.(B) Post content across all social media channels during off peak eBook download time, and send email marketing content during peak eBook download time.(C) Reduce his efforts on the email marketing campaign and expand on social media promotion, specifically on Facebook and LinkedIn.(D) Schedule engaging Facebook posts to be published between 5.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.Module 23 Lesson 4 Managing Numbers Using SpreadsheetsCassie Has Been Using Spreadsheets To Keep Track Of How Her Email Campaigns Have Been Performing. She Has Created Three Different Graphs Using All Of The Data At Her Disposal. Which Graph Best Shows That The Open Rate Of Her Emails Has Decreased Over Time?(A) Image 1(B) Image 2(C) Image 3Module 23 Lesson 5 Presenting Data EffectivelyAnya Is Working On A Presentation For Potential Investors. They Would Like To See How The Demand For Public Parking Has Grown In The Past Three Years. Anya Has Created The Following Four Graphics To Illustrate The Growth Demand. Which Graphic Would Be The Clearest And Make The Most Impact On The Investors?(A) Image of a table of figures(B) Image of bar graph(C) Image of pie chart(D) Image of a heat mapModule 24 Lesson 1 Using E-Commerce To SellJo Owns A Furniture Shop, And She’s Just Started Using The Internet To Boost Sales. She Has Some Ideas On What To Do To Sell Products On Her Website. Help Jo Decide On One Idea And Cross Off The Rest.(A) Publish her inventory on a third party site(B) A forum to get feedback on her services(C) Use a money transfer provider to take customer payments onlineModule 24 Lesson 2 Taking Payments And Manage OrdersJo Wants To Create A Fully Functional Online Store. Can You Check Which Of The Following Features Are Available In Most Fully Functional Online Stores?(1) Order management via a backend system(A) Yes(B) No(2) Customer reviews pane(A) Yes(B) No(3) Products browser(A) Yes(B) No(4) Over-the-phone payments via a web-based calling system(A) Yes(B) NoModule 25 Lesson 1 Creating A Smooth E-Commerce ExperienceJo Wants To Use Analytics Data And Visitor Surveys To Make Some Improvements To Her E-Commerce Website, But She Only Has Limited Time And Budget. What Actions Could Jo Take For Each Of These Findings?(1) Customers access the shop a lot on mobile(A) Add customer reviews(B) Create registration for customer accounts(C) Introduce responsive design(D) Add a search feature(2) Customers want to find a specific product(A) Add customer reviews(B) Create registration for customer accounts(C) Introduce responsive design(D) Add a search feature(3) There are lots of website visits but no one is buying the products(A) Add customer reviews(B) Create registration for customer accounts(C) Introduce responsive design(D) Add a search feature(4) Repeat customers add products to their cart but are not checking out(A) Add customer reviews(B) Create registration for customer accounts(C) Introduce responsive design(D) Add a search featureModule 25 Lesson 2 Product Promoting And MerchandisingOffice Sets Are Steady Sellers For Jo. How Can She Suggest Office Furniture Items To Customers Who Might Not Have Considered Them Yet?(A) Create a ‘Suggested products’ banner(B) Use analytics to understand who is visiting the site(C) Add a video tour of the shopModule 25 Lesson 3 Retargeting For E-CommerceJo Has Noticed That Some Of Her Customers Leave Her Site Without Making A Purchase. She’s Set Up Some Product Retargeting Ads, And Wants To Measure The Performance Of Her Campaign. What Parameters Should She Look At To See If She’s Attracting Potential Customers?(A) Conversion rates(B) Number of people clicking on each ad type(C) Comments on her social media profile(D) How many pages visitors check before they leave the siteModule 26 Lesson 1 Introduction To International Marketing And ExportMatt Runs An Online Vintage Record Store In The UK. He Wants To Expand Into New Markets, But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin. What Tools Can Help Him Choose His New Market?(A) Market insight tools(B) Search trends by location(C) Translation servicesModule 26 Lesson 2 Validating Your New MarketMatt Has Found Out There’s A Growing Market For Vintage Records In Portugal. He Now Needs To Identify Insights On His New Audience Using A Variety Of Tools. Can You Help Him Match The Correct Tool With Its Corresponding Insight?(1) High search traffic on vintage record terms from Portugal(A) Google Keyword Planner(B) Google Analytics(C) Google Market Finder(2) Low competition on search ads in Portugal(A) Google Keyword Planner(B) Google Analytics(C) Google Market Finder(3) People in Portugal are looking at his website(A) Google Keyword Planner(B) Google Analytics(C) Google Market FinderModule 26 Lesson 3 Being Understood AbroadMatt Needs To Make Sure His Website Is Suitable For His Portuguese Customers. He’s Made A List Of Translation And Localisation Tasks. Which Items On His List Relate To Localisation?(A) Adjusting colloquialisms so they make sense in Portuguese(B) Adding his UK office’s address to the main site(C) Calculating prices of the products in local currency.(D) Adjusting humourous product descriptions so they make sense in PortugueseModule 26 Lesson 4 Advertise Across BordersMatt’s Chosen His Market, Now It’s Time To Find New Customers. He Has A Few Ideas, But Not All Of Them Will Reach His Portuguese Audience. Can You Help Him Choose His Best Advertising Ideas?(A) Advertise on Portuguese music websites(B) Send English emails to current UK customers(C) Use search ads driven by translated search terms(D) Set up a Portuguese fanpage for his storeModule 26 Lesson 5 The Support Systems You Will NeedPortugal Seems Like A Good Market For Matt To Move Into. He’s Looked Into The Legal Requirements Of Trading Records In Portugal And Is Pleased To Find There Aren’t Any. But What Other Financial Or Regulatory Requirements Should He Check?(A) Custom duties and tariffs(B) Portuguese taxes(C) Exchange rates(D) National holidays(E) Product safety requirements(F) Insurance coverModule 26 Lesson 6 Helping Customers Abroad Buy Your ProductsMatt’s Found Out That Portugal Has Fast Internet Speeds, Which Is Great For Accessing His Website. What Things Will Matt Definitely Need To Do Now He Has Customers In A New Market?(A) Use an international payment system(B) Research the Portuguese music scene(C) Visit Portugal frequently(D) Use an automated translation service(E) Learn to speak Portuguese(F) Check his site from an international point of viewModule 26 Lesson 7 Delivering To Customers Across The GlobeMatt’s Getting Ready To Sell His Vintage Records To Portuguese Customers Online. But There’s One Unhelpful Task On His To-Do List. Can You Cross It Out For Him?(A) Research label requirments for international shipping(B) Set up a few Portuguese social media accounts(C) Choose an international shipping partner(D) Set up customer service for international ordersFinal examTake a business onlineWhat's the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?A Planning a budgetB Developing a planC Optimising a websiteD Defining a customer baseWhere does the domain name of a website primarily sit?A In the URLB In the coding of your header imageC In your navigation menuD In your logo's hyperlinkWhen looking to advertise a new business online, what is one of the major benefits of display ads?A They are seen by everyoneB They have higher click-through rateC They can come in many different formatsD They don't cost too much to set upWebsite hosting servers have their own unique IP address, what does this address consist of?A Numbers and lettersB NumbersC LettersD Letters and symbolsImagine a customer has downloaded an app made by their local hardware store. How could that business connect with their audience through the app?A Call the customer when there is an offer they'd enjoyB See where their customers are and monitor their shopping behavioursC Send them offers when they enter a certain geographical areaD Add items to their in-app basket that you think they'd likeWeb analytics can tell you many things about your online performance, but what can analytics tools not tell you?A What your customers are doing on your websiteB Where your customers have come from before visiting your websiteC Where your customers go after leaving your websiteD What your customers are looking for on your websiteHow can businesses benefit from using analytics on their website?A It will show you where your audience comes fromB It will list which pages your audience does not likeC It will show where your customers go after they've left your siteD It will show you why your audience visit your siteWebsites are hosted on a server and each of these servers has its own unique IP address. What does the 'IP' stand for?A Internet PositionB Internet PlacementC Internet PrivatisationD Internet ProtocolWhen considering whether to have a web presence for your business, which of the following is not a major factor?A TechnologyB CostC ScopeD How long you’ve been in businessWhen planning your website, what is one of the key things you should consider?A The order your products will appear on the siteB What you want your customers to do on the siteC How customers will interact with the siteD What your customers want to see on the siteWhen you're building a business website, what purpose does a server have?A It manages your websiteB It hosts your websiteC It promotes your websiteD It secures your websiteWhen defining a strategy for your business, how can competitor analysis help you establish a USP (or Unique Selling Point)?A It can enable you to offer discounts that compete directly with your competitors' pricingB It can identify how your offering is different in comparison to your competitorsC It can give you deeper insight into the market and their approachD It can reveal which additional regions you could be operating in so that you can grow your businessYou notice that when people see images of your products online, you have an increase in conversions or sales. Which customer touchpoint could you use to take advantage of this insight?A Shopping bagsB Blog contentC YouTubeD Social mediaWhich are the first steps you should consider when constructing an online business strategy?A Understand the target audienceB Change your mission statement to match the goalsC Create goals and identify a USPD Define and segment your audiencesWhen designing content as part of your content marketing strategy, what does the "Think" stage represent in the "See, Think, Do, Care" framework?A The consideration phase, when customers start to research potential products to buyB The finance stage, when customers think about their budgetsC The action stage, the moment when customers commit and purchase your productD The sharing stage, when customers share images and feedback on your products Make it easy for people to find a business on the webSearch engines see the content on a website as written code, how can you help search engines identify the images on your website?A Place them well within your textB Make them eye-catchingC Put branding on themD Give them descriptive namesWhen running a search engine marketing campaign, what goal do you expect to achieve by having conversion tracking on your site?A To see personal data about the person who bought from youB To understand what is working and what is notC To increase your budget to get more trafficD To advertise internationally more easilyWhat is the most important thing to consider when optimising a search engine marketing campaign?A Increasing the bid for the keywords you are targetingB Increasing the relevance of the keywords, ads, and landing pageC Adding lots of keywords to the campaign to get more trafficD Continually changing the ad copyWhich of the following is a benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?A Reach out to potential customers actively looking for your product or serviceB Create different types of ad formats to show to potential customersC Target people based on their interests and habitsD SEM is a lot cheaper than any other advertising mediumWhen looking to increase the presence of a website, putting together your search engine optimisation plan will help you plan your steps. Which activity would be first on the list?A Choosing what images to put on your websiteB Reserving all the social profiles that you will be using for the businessC Finding people who will link back to your websiteD Keyword ResearchWhen looking to optimise the performance of a website to improve its search engine ranking, using 'long tail keyword terms' in your SEO plan often allows you to...· A Outrank lots of larger, more established companies· B Find more opportunities· C See more traffic than short tail keywords· D Perform better on social mediaGoogle Search Console “Crawl” reports let you monitor...?A If potential customers can access your web pagesB If Google can view your web pagesC How people interacts with your websiteD What information Google records about your siteGaining backlinks to your website is a great way to improve the SEO performance. What best practice will encourage people to link back to your site?A Pay people to link back to your siteB Write some great content they will find usefulC Ensure your staff link back to your siteD Link to them first, regardless of whether they have anything interesting on their siteWhen ranking websites on search engine results pages, which element of a website do search engines value the most?A How long the content on the page isB If you mention keywords over 50 times in a short piece of contentC Unique, engaging, relevant contentD Where you are in the world when adding content to your siteWhen using a search engine, what is the name of a word or phrase somebody types to find something online?A Search phraseB Search termC Search queryD Search wordFill the blank: 'Search engines _________ the internet to discover content.'A indexB crawlC investigateD rankWhat is the term we use to describe how search engines categorise each piece of content?A ListingB CrawlingC IndexingD RankingTo improve your website's SEO performance, when should you consider updating your SEO plan?A When you write a new blog postB When you have a sale or promotionC When you add a new service or productD When you employ new staffWhat’s the first step in the search engine optimisation process for your website?A Off-site optimisationB Keyword researchC Writing fresh contentD Setting an ad budgetWe use them every day, but what is the overall purpose of a search engine?A To position websites based on how popular they areB To display websites in a random order to increase site trafficC To ensure every business gets an equal number of site visitsD To help the user find the most relevant answer to their queryWhat are three key considerations when evaluating keywords for search engine optimisation?A Competition, cohesiveness, relevanceB Frequency, competition, relevanceC Relevance, cohesiveness, executionD Frequency, execution, relevanceWhen optimising a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine?A They are hidden messages that have no bearing on search enginesB They are the on-page content that appears on your homepage, telling search engines what you doC They are automatically generated and help websites rank within search enginesD They are embedded messages that help the search engine determine what’s on the pageThere are many ways you can improve the performance of a website from an SEO perspective. When it comes to link building which of the following statements is accurate?A The quantity of links is important, not the qualityB The quality of links is important, not the quantityC Links hidden within code on sites improves your SEO performanceD Links hidden within images on sites improves your SEO performanceWhich of the following will be achieved by including an offer in a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ad?A It will help the ad stand out and encourage people to click itB It will guarantee the ad appears at the top of the search resultsC It will increase the amount of users across your entire websiteD It can increase the quality score of your adFill the blank: When managing SEM campaigns, the best way to optimise your quality score is to improve the _________ of your keywords, adverts, and landing pages.A relevanceB conversionC clicksD importanceWhat can you achieve if you divide your search engine marketing account into relevant campaigns and ad groups?A Drive more traffic to your websiteB Target more people in different areas of the worldC Ensure people see relevant ads that relate to their search queryD Stop using negative keywordsFill the blank: When optimising SEM campaigns, negative keywords _________ your ads from appearing when people search for things that aren’t relevant to your business.A preventB secureC increase the chance ofD decrease the chance ofWhen advertising on search engines, if you bid the same as your competitor, having a higher quality score will mean you appear where in comparison?A Alongside themB Below themC On the next page after themD Above themWhen fine-tuning paid search ads, you change a broad-match keyword to a phrase-match keyword using which symbol?A Quotation marksB ApostrophesC ItalicsD Square bracketsIf you want to track a completed order in your website, what would be a proper place to add the conversion tracking code?A Website's homepageB Order confirmation pageC Order form pageD Contact us pageA lot of factors can affect how well a website will rank on search engines. What role does metadata have in this process?· A Helps your website stand out from the competition· B Allows you to input lots of keywords so that you appear for all of them· C Provides search engines with more consistent and clear information about what's on the website· D Allows you to place sales promotion offers within the search results When advertising using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you only pay...· A when your ad appears within the search results· B when a conversion happens on your website· C when your ad is clicked by someone· D when someone stays on your website for more than 2 minutes Which search query would trigger an ad based on this keyword: [London portrait photographer]?· A Portrait photographer London· B London photographer· C London portrait photographer· D Photographers in London Reach more people locally, on social media, or on mobileWhen trying to promote your business locally, what three key bits of information should be present in your directory listing?A Business name, address, phone numberB Personal name, business name, postcodeC Name, PO box, freephone numberD Business name, CEO, company registration numberMobile advertising is a great tool for marketers, but all that good work could be undone if your website isn't what?A Optimised for different devicesB Visually engagingC Full of relevant informationD Text heavyDigital marketing isn't just about selling your products internationally. It can be used to great effect for local businesses. What do we mean by 'local businesses'?A A business that operates from a specific geographic locationB A business that is within a 5km radius from the customerC A business that has existed within a community for more than 5 yearsD A business that only provides a service based productWith more and more users using mobile to look at websites, it is key that you optimise your site so users can find it when searching online. Which two elements should you look to optimise for improved SEO performance?A Site speed and usabilityB Keywords and metadataC Image size and navigationD Site speed and visual appearanceWhen looking to create video content for your marketing strategy, what three best practices should you look to include?A Short, technical, include a call to actionB Relevant, short, entertainingC Short, entertaining, include a call to actionD Short, relevant, include a call to actionHow would you classify the content distribution channel that uses influencer and outreach marketing to increase a brand's reach?A PaidB OwnedC EarnedD PublishedWhat type of tool can be used to monitor and evaluate your social media audience's actions on your website?A Content scheduling toolsB Audience profiling toolsC Social media analytic toolsD Website analytic toolsThere are lots of social media platforms out there, but what is a benefit of using smaller, more niche social media platforms for your business?A People on niche platforms are more likely to engage with youB Your content will be put in front of specific audiencesC Your content will be seen by a mix of different people, gaining more views and likesD It enhances your brand to be seen on more specific social media platformsFill the blank: When it comes to promoting a business locally, search engines can _______________ your business in the search results page if the user is near your location.A prioritiseB highlightC hideD promoteUsing social media for business purposes can be very different to running personal profiles. If you're looking to attract people to your social network, what tone of voice should you consider?A Stern & SeriousB Serious & HonestC Fun & InvitingD Engaging & InvitingFill in the blank: When search engines use factors like geolocation, IP address and location based search terms to produce geographically tailored results, this is called _____________.A Local SearchB Geo searchC Mobile searchD Organic searchLocal directories are a great tool for getting noticed locally online. What would be the first step in using a directory?· A Research competitors· B Create a listing· C Create an ad· D Post a link What are the benefits of using social media when looking to advertise your business locally?· A People trust local businesses on social media· B You can target ads to a specific local audience· C You can make video ads promoting the area· D People use social media more than they use search engines Which of the following is a core benefit that content marketing can bring to a business's online presence?· A It can improve sales by directing more traffic to your website· B It can enable a business to create a bank of content, which can be reused to create ads· C It helps a company identify its biggest competitors· D It provides you with another channel to push sales and promotional messages to customers on a regular basisWhen looking to get noticed locally online, what information should you ensure is on your website as a minimum?A Your social media linksB An interactive mapC Your physical location detailsD Business registration numberWhy is it important to reach customers on their mobiles when advertising locally?A People use their phones while they are on the goB Ads are smaller in mobile devices and therefore cheaperC People prefer to receive adverts on their mobileD Everyone has a mobile phoneWhen looking to promote your products and services locally, what are the benefits of using search engine ads?A Everyone uses search enginesB You can target ads to a specific geographic areaC You can target ads to specific gendersD Search ads are cheaper than display advertsWhich of the following would be described as a good business goal to set for your social media campaigns?A Increase staff moraleB Increase audience engagementC Increase customer satisfactionD Increase overall profit"Because online attention spans are shorter, a great hook or opening sentence is important to draw people in." What is this a best practice example of?A Writing engaging online copyB Keeping the target audience in mindC Understanding the user journeyD Being consistent in your approach to copyWhen designing mobile advertising campaigns, what is a best practice to identify which keywords to target?A Ask your audience what they search for when looking for similar productsB Use the Google Keyword research tool or Bing Keyword research toolC Use a tool to harvest the keywords your competitors are usingD Use all the usual keywords from your website in your advertising accountWhich of the following tools could be used to gain an insight into the phrases and questions people search for about a given subject online?A Answer The PublicB AdWords EditorC Facebook business managerD SEM RushWhen building a website for a business, what type of design should it have in order to be "mobile friendly"?A A scaled designB A visual designC A responsive designD An integrated designBuilding a plan will help you to focus your efforts when using social media. What should you consider when making your social media plan?A Your audience's dataB Your audience's interestsC You audience's available incomeD Your audience's offline behaviourWhy is social media a great tool for your business to build trust and engagement with your audience?A You can share offers and discounts exclusively to your followingB You can share blogs from other businesses to cover more than what you doC You can share honest reviews about your product or serviceD You can connect with customers at any time of the dayMobile apps are a great tool to engage with customers on the go. What is one of the major benefits of a mobile app over a website?A Apps allow you to send push notificationsB Apps are easy to access on the app storeC Apps generally work on more mobile devicesD Apps allow you to collate more data on your customersWhen looking to promote a business on social media, what is a good way to grow your social media following or engagement quickly?A Paid advertisingB Pay for followersC Follow all of your competitors' followersD Overuse hashtagsWhen it comes to knowing which social media platforms to focus your efforts on, how can you work out which one will work best for you?A Compare follower numbers across platformsB Use online analytics tools to measure engagementC See what competitor businesses are usingD Ask friends and family which platforms they useWhen it comes to mobile, how would you define usability?A The visitor's time navigating your siteB The visitor's experience on your siteC The visitor's general time on your siteD The vistior's purpose when on your siteWhen looking to advertise your business to mobile users, social media advertising can be really effective because...A it allows you to target people who have ad blockers enabledB it can be seen by people who aren't logged into their accountsC it allows you to target people based on their likes and interestsD it doesn't cost too much to spread your ads farWhich of the following actions would be most effective for a business to take in order to help them progress towards achieving their content marketing goals?A Personalising content to make each customer feel important, taking into account available data about each individual customer.B Reducing the number of channels used for content marketing to only those channels with the highest referral numbers, thus saving moneyC Identifying audiences who view their content, and ensuring those specific audiences get targeted in the future, with the aim of increasing salesD Refining their content marketing strategy as they go, taking into account available data and metrics Reach more customers with advertisingWhen looking at your email marketing metrics, Click Through Rate (or CTR) highlights which of the following insights?A % of people that made a purchase after receiving the emailB % of people that opened the email out of the total recipientsC % of people who clicked on a link in the email out of the total recipientsD % of people who were sent the email against the total number of conversions madeWhen discussing display advertising, what is an ad network?A A way to get free traffic to your siteB A directory of lots of websites that sell the same products as you doC An online store of images you can use within your contentD A platform allowing the advertiser to advertise on websites within the networkWhen it comes to email marketing, what do we mean by the term A/B testing?A A/B testing means you can split your contacts alphabeticallyB A/B testing means you send the same email twice to the same peopleC A/B testing means splitting your audience and sending each of them a different variation of your emailD A/B testing means it is spell checked and proofed, prior to hitting sendWhat is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaigns?A You can reuse the same templateB They are always freeC You can duplicate the design of your websiteD Templates work better on mobileWhich of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns?A The amount of links contained in the emailB The number of images in your emailC The opportunity for customers to opt-outD The subject line of the emailHow can you attract social media users to share your video content online?· A Tag them in posts· B Use hashtags· C Make them funny· D Use subtitlesWhich of the following is a key strategy for distributing your video content?A Share videos across all of your digital marketing toolsB Pick one primary place to share your video contentC Trust word-of-mouth to drive traffic to your videosD Send out a postcard to relevant mailing listsWhich of the following is a benefit of search advertising over display advertising?A Search ads are more likely to be clicked onB Search advertising is cheaper than display advertisingC Search advertising allows ads to be created in multiple formatsD Search advertising is shown to customers who are searching for your specific termsWhen advertisers run online ads that typically include an image for people to click on, it's called...A Search Engine OptimisationB Banner advertisingC Display advertisingD Webpage advertisingWhich of the following is the most accurate analogy for a display advertising network?A A targeting option for publishersB A marketplace between online publishers and advertisersC A payments system for online ad campaignsD A targeting option for advertisersWhy is it important that you set goals when planning your display ad campaigns?A To help determine the best way to collate customer dataB To help determine the performance and allow for optimisationC To help determine where your budget will be spentD To help determine the performance of your competitionIf the analytics for your video campaign shows people are only watching the first few seconds of your video, what can you do to try and amend this?A Change the colours to be more eye-catchingB Change how much your branding is shown in the videoC Update the description to tell people more about the videoD Delete the video and try again with edited contentHow can your business benefit from video without making one yourself?A Advertising on other people's videosB Commenting on other people's videosC Sharing other people's videosD Interacting with other people's videosWhen using display advertising, what could you include in an ad to achieve the goal of driving more sales?A Promotions and special offersB Personalised messagesC Location specific informationD Product shots and detailed informationWhich of the following is a benefit of display advertising over search advertising?A Display advertising is cheaper than search advertisingB Appearing on relevant websites offering advertising spaceC Ads can appear at the top of search engine results pagesD Display ads are more likely to be clicked onWhen planning your display advertising, what does the word 'placement' mean?A The exact location of your ad on a particular page of a websiteB The size and position of your adC The exact location of your ad on search engine results pagesD The position of text within your adRetargeting allows you to...A Target users, based on the specific actions they take on your siteB Target people, based on their likes and interestsC Appear higher within the search resultsD Target people before they come to your websiteWhich form of targeting would you use to display ads to people who have previously visited your website?A Search advertisingB ReacquiringC ReadvertisingD RetargetingFill the blank: In the world of display advertising, remarketing is a way to _________.A pay less per click than standard SEM adsB show ads to people before they visit your websiteC show ads to people after they visit your websiteD display a pop up on your website when people visit itWhen creating video marketing content on a budget, what is the first thing you should consider doing?A Shooting as much as you can and culling it laterB Finding editing softwareC Finding equipment to useD Planning your contentWhat can you do to help your videos appear in search results?A Make the content really interestingB Give detailed descriptions of its contentC Clearly brand your videosD Include calls to action within the videos Track and measure web trafficWhen using analytics programmes on your website, which of these do not fall under the category of a metric?A Browser users use to access your siteB Unique visitors to your siteC Time users spend on your siteD Number of pages viewed per visitWhen using analytics on your website, what do we mean by the term 'conversion'?A The act of a user coming from a certain geographical locationB The act of a user spending a certain amount of time on the siteC The act of a user meeting a specific metricD The act of a user completing a goalHow is a spreadsheet defined?· A An interactive computer application for the organisation, analysis and storage of data· B A static collection of related data tables that can be queried to locate specific fields· C A tool for storing large amounts of numerical data, but not text-based data· D A digital balance sheet to keep track of financial transactionsWhen using web-based analytics tools, by segmenting the data you will be able to achieve which of the following?A Bid higher within your SEM advertising accountB Find insights that can help you identify where to make improvementsC Build better social media profilesD Run advertising in other countries around the worldWhat is the benefit of using digital data?A It can help you make informed decisions and improve online performanceB Digital data is always 100% accurateC Digital data allows you to save money on offline analyticsD Using digital data allows you to automatically reach more customersWhen it comes to web analytics, what insights can you gather using analytics tools?A What websites users visit after leaving your websiteB How you currently rank in search enginesC How people interact with your websiteD How people interact with your competitors' websitesWhen using analytics programmes on your website, which of these do not fall under the category of a dimension?A The device users access the site withB The time a user spends on the siteC The browser a user uses to visit the siteD The geographical location of the userWhat do website analytics allow you to do?A Set up advertising accounts to drive continuous improvementB Understand users behaviour and improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing effortsC Interact with customers on your website to increase conversionD Predict your users next move based on previous dataIn the world of analytics, the time the user spent on your site is considered which type of data?A ConversionB ClockingC MetricD DimensionIn the world of analytics, tracking the type of device the user accessed your site by is considered which type of data?A ConversionB DimensionC AccessD MetricHow do you handle data in analytics to gain greater insights into our audience's behaviour?A PartitionB SampleC SegmentD ExtractFill the blank: When you link Google Ads with Google Analytics you are able to understand which ________ are driving performance.A Organic keywordsB Social media adsC Paid keywordsD DirectoriesWhen creating a presentation based on lots of data, what principle should you bear in mind?A Show all the information available, to give your audience as much context as possibleB Tailor your approach to your audience in order to tell a better storyC Stick to visual graphics only, as everyone will prefer this presentation format over tables and textD Present all information in the same way because everyone interprets things similarlyWhy should you avoid focusing on collecting as much data as possible?A Vast quantities of data will take a long time to processB Large amounts of data are harder to store onlineC The right information, at the right time, is more valuableD Spreadsheets have a limit on the amount of information they can store Sell products or services onlineWhen building your online product store, to make it as effective as possible you should look to optimise the performance by using images in what kind of way?A Use images direct from the internet to ensure accurate file sizeB Use images direct from the original manufacturerC Ensure images are of a high qualityD Use detailed descriptions instead of images to help search enginesWhich of these is not a benefit for businesses using fully integrated e-commerce platforms?A Stock controlB Integrated invoicingC The ability to track shippingD Automated complaints process systemWhen trying to increase the product sales on your website, one way to achieve this is to_________?A send multiple follow up emails once a purchase has been madeB show them remarketing ads with a variety of productsC provide the customer with relevant suggested purchasesD include a pop up on your website that they have to action before continuingFill in the blank: When you are considering the layout of the product pages, it is important to put them in ________ order?A priceB hierarchicalC a constantly changingD alphabeticalWhen looking to introduce e-commerce functions to your website, which of the following would be the best first step?A Build an online store with an integrated payment systemB Set up a web-based money transfer software like PayPalC Invest in a new website platformD Use other platforms such as eBay or EtsyIf a user abandons their shopping cart without making a purchase, one way to bring them back to complete the purchase is?A SEM advertisingB Social advertisingC RetargetingD Email campaignsAnalytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?A For different devices, navigation & searchB For different devices & social media profilesC For email templates & social media profilesD For navigation, search & video campaigns Take a business globalFill in the blank: When considering expanding a business internationally, the best place to start is to__________?A use online tools to help you understand where there’s a strong demand for your productsB move the whole business to that countryC replicate your current business in as many countries as possibleD buy new domains for the countryFill the blanks: When advertising internationally, you should make your business ______ to the new market, consider the ___________ and any possible ___________ implications.A accessible | supply chain | legalB affordable | supply chain | languageC exciting | customers needs | currencyD affordable | customer needs | legalWhen looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?A Treat all social media channels the sameB Use popular phrases and memes for that areaC Analyse platforms popular in that areaD Not advertise at all, as other countries don't like social advertisingIf you are looking to expand your company's presence online internationally, which of the following should you consider with regards to your online content?A Translated by an automated tool onlyB Translated but also locally adapted for the audienceC Translated into the native languageD Left the same, and not translatedMore info about the certification: learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarageMore info of other products in:http://www.certificationanswers.com/en/exams-answers/

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